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We sell annually over 15,000 New and Used shipping containers throughout the UK, to both private and trade. You can buy both single units or multiples of 100’s, at the very best competitive prices, usually all sizes and types in stock, from our own controlled depots in 12 regions

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You can contact without any obligations your nearest agent directly by phone or e-mail to discuss your specific requirements about buying containers and delivery of them, or if its Container Conversions you require ask to speak to one of our Container Conversion Engineers. All our sales persons are knowledgeable and helpful.

New Build Containers

We IMPORT over 14,000 NEW (ONCE USED) SHIPPING CONTAINERS into the UK EVERY YEAR. We are usually the cheapest Supplier in the UK. We can Supply from all our locations in the UK a wide variety of New Build ( Once Used ) container types and sizes in various Lengths 8ft,10ft,20ft,40ft,45ft's ..Hi-Cube, Pallet wide, Open Tops, Flat Racks, Std Dry Vans, Double Doored Ended (Tunnel Containers) , Refrigerated, Chiller Containers.

All PSSU New Build Containers are Imported and Sold with All HMRC Duties fully PAID.
All Once used or New Containers imported into UK are Liable for HMRC import duties Many other Suppliers in the UK do not pay the HMRC import duty and the purchaser may unwittingly become liable for that back payment plus interest even years after purchase.

Container Conversions

The structural strength and integral free-standing properties of the commercial shipping container, coupled with the ease of conversion and deployment has resulted in a whole new industry that supplies cheaper faster-installed buildings requiring relatively little groundwork to place the container on and can be easily collected and delivered to another site as and when the need arises. has been at the forefront of this developing industry, and our workshop staff and CAD design engineers have assisted customers to develop some of the most unusual creations that were once just “what if we had” imaginations! To best appreciate our capabilities please view our gallery of past shipping container conversions. NB if you intend to ship a converted container abroad please read Shipping Container Conversions FOR FURTHER SHIPPING

Used Containers

Our Groups Connections over the years with many shipping lines, coupled with our purchasing power enables us to buy large batches of used containers in a variety of regions in the UK enabling us to offer at very competitive prices into the sales market.

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Refrigerated Container

20ft-40ft Refrigerated Containers New or Used Available from our Group of 12 national partners, we also supply bespoke Chiller Containers for food or Temperature Controlled commercial products, converted from basic Ex Shipping Line units.

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