Shipping Lines and Container Leasing company’s dispose of their containers periodically and for a variety of reasons, Age, Condition, TAX deduction, Price of replacement advantageous, or more recently desperate measures to sell excess stock to replenish the bank account.

So you cannot rely on all used containers being in the same shared condition or the same prices.
Ex container leasing companies owned containers, are as a rule the better buy, as they are better built often using heavier gauge material and they are naturally fussier about the appearance of the container as they are hiring their containers to shipping lines who want good units. Also, they are much more susceptible to peaks and troughs in trade, as Shipping lines offload hired equipment fast when trade drops and leasing companies rarely own their own depots so storage is an overhead they wish to avoid, Ergo sell the excess stock reduce the costs. Often a variety of sizes available – 8ft,10ft,20ft,40ft,45ft’s.

Usually Used containers are sold in WIND &WATERTIGHT condition, which means that there are no holes in the container and the door seals are intact, firmly fixed to the door and do not leak. Although probably still in previous owners painted livery, the container will be neutralised and it will not have a lock box fitted as standard you will have to ask for that to be done.

Also surprisingly, they are not automatically fit to re-use as a shipping container, you will require a CSC survey and certificate and probably a new Alpha prefix for that.

Always discuss with your potential supplier exactly what your intended use is going to be, they will try to select from their stock a container most appropriate for your proposed use. All our suppliers will allow you to view the container at their premises before purchase if you wish!

Your supplier can fit a lock box, repaint the container, get the unit CSC re-plated, ply line interior, insulate it, fit shelves, fit power and lighting or make large conversions to it etc.

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