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We supply fully bespoke shipping container transformations to suit your business needs. Whether it is additional secure and dry storage, or a unique modified space such as a workshop, new office, garden shed, self-storage facilities or a new container home, anything is possible!


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    Bespoke designs

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    Nationwide distribution

    Bespoke designs

    Affordable prices

    In-house service

    Nationwide distribution

    Container conversions types

    • Bespoke container conversions
    • Converted container storage solutions
    • Converted container workshops
    • Converted container offices
    • Treatment facilities
    • Shipping container homes & houses
    • Container garden sheds
    • Container pop-up bars & restaurants
    • Cabins for construction sites
    • Conversions for exhibitions & events
    • Container toilet cabins
    • Mobile retail unit container conversion
    • Security offices
    • Container turnstiles & access units
    • … and much more!

    Our previous container conversions projects

    Self-Storage Container Conversion

    We provide a highly configurable converted shipping container option for the self-storage industry. We call them “Topper” Storage Units. We offer two different solutions, a double 8ft storage space with a 4ft walkway in the middle and a single 15ft storage unit with a 5ft walkway situated at the end of the 20ft container. They are designed to be mounted on top of each other and a range of staircases with different landing are also available.

    Converted Shipping Container School

    At CFS we offer our customers a full in-house container conversion service and delivery to every corner of the UK from our local workshops. In this project we transformed two 40ft shipping containers into a classroom for Redbridge School. Joining both containers together and eliminating their common walls us allowed to create a flexible interior, featured with PVC windows, electrics and A/C unit. A pitched roof covered both containers and gave a cohesive look to the final result.  

    Container Office

    Universal Container Services Ltd have done their offices converting 40ft and 20ft blue shipping containers. Adding floor to ceiling windows and making and open plan interior by eliminating the walls between containers.  

    Street Food Container Conversion Bar

    Using a 40ft Shipping Container we created a street food mini restaurant. With a lockable serving hatch supported with gas struts that also serves as an outside covered area for customers.  

    Container transformation into a training centre

    We created a whole building for DP World’s Training Centre. Stacking  40ft containers we to achieve a 3 storey complex with offices, meeting rooms, departments, balconies and external staircases to finish off this multicoloured container conversions. 

    Container Conversion into shed

    This unit was built for Dirt Factory who was looking for a stand out unit for him to kit out into his own bar at a local event venue. So we helped him out and created this simple and effective 20ft container conversion really looks the part with its bright vibrant colours and LED lights. We removed the cargo doors, created large section framed apertures and fitted LED pendant lights.

    Container House

    Blackwood are a company who specialise in housing and care, they are dedicated to improving the lives of disabled people by providing homes that are designed for them helping them to live independently. They asked us to provide a transportable product that they can take around the UK that showcases everything they can offer. The result is three 32×9 cabins linked on-site with glazed windows, sliding doors, lining and insulation, laminated floor, fully fitted kitchen and bathroom and electrics throughout.  

    Container Conversions into Toilets

    A great solution when you need external toilets cabins for a working site or temporary event is to use a converted shipping container. We can supply a wide variety of portable toilet cabins in a range of sizes and layouts, from single toilet units like the one in the gallery to 20ft standard containers with multiple toilets.
    These units are anti-vandal, secure and weatherproof.

    40ft + 12ft Container Conversion

    We joined a two 20ft by 8ft container with two 20ft by 4ft section of another container to create a 40ft long by 12ft wide converted shipping container. The finished product is painted in blue and features four double metal personal doors and a single metal door on one end. 

    Container Conversion Coffee Shop

    20ft unit with high-quality wood cladding finish and access to the roof terrace. A shutter roller fitted allows customer access, electrics and tiled interior finish round up this incredible wooden container conversion.

    Shipping Container Office

    A simple but effective container conversion office out of a 20ft green container. We fitted windows with exterior shutters, inside, an office area, fitted kitchen and toilet, flooring, walls with insulation, heating and A/C units.

    Container Office & Treatment Conversion

    A total of six 40ft shipping containers were used to make this project. With ground floor with treatment facilities and an upper level that features an office space, a kitchen and a terrace with wooden floor finish. The complex can be accessed directly from the ground floor or using two metal staircases that connect to the office area and terrace. 

    Converted Shipping Container Workshop

    Stotbard needed a series of classrooms to carry out workshops. Using High-cube 20ft containers we deliver a fully bespoke container conversion. Stacking containers we created a 2 storey complex of classrooms with external staircases giving access to the first floor. Floor to ceiling windows, electrics, lighting, carpet and A/C units were fitted to the highest quality. 

    Our members have more than 40 years making incredible container conversions!

    We specialise in International Standards Organisation (ISO) shipping container conversions. Whatever your project, new offices, classrooms, workshops, temporary housing, storage units…, our in-house team specialists will make the perfect converted shipping container from the first conception ideas to the final container conversion construction and on-site delivery. 

    The structural strength and integral free-standing properties of the commercial shipping container, coupled with the ease of conversion and deployment has resulted in a whole new industry that supplies cheaper faster-installed buildings requiring relatively little groundwork to place the container on and can be easily collected and delivered to another site as and when the need arises.

    CFS has been at the forefront of this developing industry, and our workshop staff and CAD design engineers have assisted customers to develop some of the most unusual creations that were once just “what if we had” imaginations!

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