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The structural strength and integral free-standing properties of the commercial shipping container, coupled with their relative ease and economic purchase, has led them to being used for a hugely wide variety of bespoke container conversions and further uses.

Early days in containerisation saw the old shipping line containers (often in those days rusting hulks) being bought simply for building site lockups and occasionally a personnel door or window fitted into the side.
Today containers to be used for conversions are most frequently specifically purchased in brand new condition for sophisticated, intricate conversions from laboratories, workshops, additional school classrooms, offices, single and multi-story homes, welfare units, toilet blocks, pop up shops, event outlets, fast food outlets, etc.

The ease of conversion and deployment has resulted in a whole new industry that supplies cheaper faster installed buildings that require relatively little groundwork to place the container on and can be easily collected and delivered to another site as and when the need arises. has been at the forefront of this developing industry and our workshop staff and CAD design engineers have assisted customers to develop some of the most unusual creations that were once just “what if we had” imaginations!

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NB if you intend to ship a converted container abroad please read Shipping Container Conversions FOR FURTHER SHIPPING

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