Condensation in shipping containers is a common challenge, but understanding and implementing the right prevention strategies can ensure the safety of your cargo, whether new or used. If you are storing any items in a standard shipping container that is placed outside and exposed to the common European elements, you are susceptible to condensation occurring inside the container, which will more often than not collect on the ceiling.

What causes condensation in shipping containers?

 A standard shipping container is just a metal box which is quickly affected by ambient temperature changes. Shipping container condensation occurs when the walls of a container become cooler than the dew point of the air found inside the container. When the air inside a container is not able to contain its moisture, it reaches it dew point.  If this occurs, the moisture will change its state to liquid form, building up on the roof and walls, putting in danger your cargo and the interior of the container.

How to prevent condensation

– Vents

In order to prevent condensation inside a shipping container, it needs to be well ventilated. Our 20ft and 40ft new shipping containers come fitted with a total of 10 vents, 4 on either side and 2 on the end. This helps the air circulate enable a good flow while keeping the container watertight.

– Dehumidifiers

If you have power available, this is best method to prevent and fight condensation.

Once the dehumidifier is placed in the interior of a closed container, it sucks in air at one end, takes the moisture out of it, and then blows it back out into the container again. The moisture drips through into a collection tank that you have to empty, from time to time.

– Disposable dehumidifier

If you do not have access to power,  a disposable dehumidifier can be a great solution. There are many types available in the market. Depending on the brand, they can capture up to 3 litres of moisture, they come sealed preventing re-circulation in the container and will not spill. On top of this, most of them will require no attention and will last for many months.

Grafo-therm Anti Condensation Coating

Is a cost effective long term solutions to preventing and treating dripping roof condensation. Sprayed onto the ceiling is a material that absorbs moisture preventing condensation. Contact us for more information about a pre-Grafoed container or visit for more information about the treatment. This solution can be applied to once used and used shipping containers.


Shipping Container having Grafo-therm applied to the ceiling

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