Shipping Container Accessories

Discover a range of shipping container accessories designed to enhance and protect your storage.


Padlocks are the most popular and effective option for securing your shipping container. Designed to complement the fitted lock box, which is standard on our new build shipping containers, these padlocks feature a robust sliding bolt mechanism. We provide high-quality padlocks, offering a simple yet highly effective way to ensure your stored items are safe and secure.

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Shipping Container Accessory: Sliding Bolt Padlock

Container Racking & Shelving

Container racking offers a flexible solution to keep your shipping container organised. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and tiers, our racking is easy to set up and take down, attaching securely to the container’s lashing rings. For even more convenience, we also provide shelving options, in various sizes, that can be pre-assembled upon delivery. Both choices are ideal for creating an orderly, efficient storage environment in your container.



Shipping Container with 3 tier racking

Grafo-therm (Anti-condensation)

Grafo-therm is an anti-condensation treatment for shipping containers, providing a cost-effective solution to moisture control. Applied as a thin layer to the container’s ceiling, it absorbs and holds moisture, preventing condensation build-up. Available for all container sizes and conditions, Grafo-therm ensures your goods stay dry and protected.

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20ft Shipping Container with Grafo-therm applied to ceiling

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Beyond offering a wide range of containers and accessories, we also specialise in bespoke container conversions, providing tailored solutions to suit your specific needs. Find more about container conversions here!