All PSSU New Build ( often called a Once Used) Container be it 8ft,10ft, 20ft,40ft,45ft’s are always manufactured from Corten Steel which is a corrosion resistant steel and coupled with high-quality shipping approved paint they will last in normal outside European conditions for at least 30 years. They are all fitted with side wall ventilation and a Lock Box to accommodate a CISA Shutter Padlock for optional additional security.

New containers are most generally manufactured in FAR EAST China Korea etc., and they are for cheap transport loaned to Large Commercial Shipping Lines who use them to load their own client’s cargo, and then they bring them specifically to the UK on that “ONE TRIP” use. Here they discharge the cargo and hand the unit back to us in a clean condition. We have a close association with Maersk Shipping Line the largest and most eminent container shipping line in the world, but even the Newest Built Container on the cleanest and best-operated ships may have some very Minor Indentation or scratches In the panels, and being loaded they may have marks on the floor. We try Very hard to minimise that being passed onto our customers!

Sometimes we sell small quantities of “Slightly Damaged New Containers”.

Many other suppliers insinuate that they have their factories in the Far East, they don’t, they buy in small quantities from the likes of CIMC in China & Hyundai in Korea, just the same as we do.

They also imply that they have depots in many locations, London, Paris, New York, Peckham they don’t, they store small batches in other company’s depots which they never see; therefore they have very limited control over what container goes to whom or what condition it is sent out to the customer.

We Store in our controlled depots, and we ensure that what you ask for is what you get.

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