In recent years, the use of second-hand containers for storage purposes has gained significant popularity. Originally designed for shipping goods across oceans, these sturdy structures have found new life as practical storage solutions for homes and businesses. As sustainability and cost-effectiveness become increasingly important, repurposing these containers offers a range of benefits worth considering.

Where do Used Shipping Containers come from?

After approximately 10-15 years of transporting goods, shipping lines make them available to the market. While they have minor wear and tear from their previous lives, they still possess the structural integrity and durability necessary for a reliable storage option. In this blog post, we will shed some light onto the advantages of using second-hand containers for storage.

20ft Second-hand Shipping Container


One of the main advantages for choosing a second-hand container for storage is the cost savings. Purchasing a new storage unit can be costly depending on size and type. Used units provide an affordable alternative, while still giving customers a wind and watertight space to store goods.

Durability & Security

Shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh maritime conditions. This makes them exceptionally durable and weather resistant. Constructed from Corten steel, these containers can endure extreme temperatures and heavy winds. When used for storage purposes, they provide a secure and robust shelter for your belongings. Protecting them from theft, pests, and the elements.

Second-hand Container with Fitted Lock Box

You can enhance the safety of your goods by opting for a fitted lock box. A lock box is a heavy duty, steel enclosure that is welded to the door, covering where the padlock goes. Combined with a sliding shackle padlock, this offers the best chance of protection from unauthorised access and tampering.

Versatility & Customisability

Coming in various sizes, including 10ft, 20ft 40ft and 40ft HC, they offer versatility to accommodate diverse storage requirements. Furthermore, these containers can be modified to suit any specific requirements. From adding windows to let in natural light, personnel doors for easy access, and racking/shelving for organising, you can create your ideal storage space.

40ft Second-hand Container with Rapid Racking

Easy Installation

Unlike traditional construction projects, preparing for a shipping container is relatively quick and straightforward. A hard standing and level surface is the ideal floor for your container to be dropped on. Uneven or soft ground may lead to the doors not functioning properly. Placing the container on concrete blocks or railway sleepers helps to mitigate these risks by providing a solid and level foundation. It can also be a good idea to raise your container even on a hard standing surface as it improves air circulation which can help prevent moisture/condensation building up.


Another notable advantage of second-hand containers is their mobility. These containers are designed for transportation, allowing them to be easily moved from one location to another using trucks, trains, forklifts, or ships. If you need to relocate your storage, you can transport the container to your new site without the need for dismantling and reassembly. This portability offers convenience and saves time, energy, and money.

Environmental Sustainability

Repurposing used containers contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and carbon emissions. Instead of allowing these containers to end up in landfills, reusing them for storage purposes extends their lifespan. Moreover, by increasing the lifespan it can reduce their Carbon Footprint.

Inside a 20ft Second-hand Shipping Container

The benefits for using second-hand boxes as storage are undeniable. Affordable, durable, and versatile make this A fantastic option for businesses, homes, and communities alive. Take advantage of their intrinsic features while contributing to a greener future!

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