CONTAINERSFORSALE.CO.UK  Agents can offer a wide variety of used ISO ex shipping line refrigerated shipping containers for sale. For large batch requirements they can also supply new build containers.

When buying a refrigerated container (often just called reefer’s) always qualify whether the container has a parts and labour warranty or just parts and that the seller can support you in after sales care, as a refrigerated shipping container is always going to require periodic maintenance which we can supply by a contract or emergency call out almost anywhere in the UK. (Some islands have proved difficult)

CONTAINERSFORSALE.CO.UK   Usually offer 2 months full parts and labour and a 20% discount on parts thereafter.
Almost all ex shipping refrigerated containers are 3 phase 32 amp electric supply, these powerful units can have a temperature range of -35 degrees centigrade to +45 degrees centigrade. CONTAINERSFORSALE.CO.UK can if required supply replacement refrigeration units that have quite and extensive temperature range but are not as powerful, but for a light commercial or domestic application they are ideal.

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Nowadays the vast majority of used ex shipping line refrigerated containers have stainless steel linings which are easy steam or power washed clean, but there are still some old units in service which are being offered for sale by others which may appear to be very competitively priced but have the old grp (glass reinforced plastic ) panels. Always check to make sure you know what you are being sold as these old grp panels are prone to brittle fracture which is not only difficult to keep food grade clean but is very expensive to repair.

The floors are always when in fleet use‘t’ section aluminium ,this is to convey the blown refrigerated air down from the chiller unit, (bottom air delivery )through the container underneath the consignment to the rear, where it is drawn back across the top of the cargo where it is recalculated over the evaporator to be re-cooled and re-cycled around again.
this flooring is fully welded and sealed to allow high pressure washing and when doors are open flushing out debris. There are also drain plugs which usually placed front and rear to similarly facilitate drainage .
Occasionally this ‘t’ section ,which can bear the weight of 24 tons, can become damaged by fork trucks and where this is noticed look for cracking of material in the base plate, this can lead to water ingress into the under floor insulation.
This ‘tee ‘ section floor can easily be overlaid with aluminium chequer plate and sealed to side walls ,which maybe required for certain meat processing and veterinary inspections.

Gas….containers for willonly sell you refrigerated containers with refrigeration machinery that is charged not only with compliant gas at point of sale but the gas will meet all known anticipated changes in regulations,
Always check that the gas is compliant, with today’s regulations (most commonly used is r134a or r404a.) And not an obsolete product, as there still many refrigeration units being offered that are not recharging the refrigerator will be impossible and also illegal and retro fitting to gas compliant is very expensive.

Ask your supplier about running costs of the refrigerator unit being offered and fully explain your use of the container , you may require regular access that would be best served with a butchers door or polycurtains to prevent temperature loss through personnel passage .regular temperature loss will increase your running costs enormously.

The container body should be thoroughly inspected for holes, corrosion and poor repairs, special attention should be made to the doors and door seals.
A container that has a hole or has had damage may have absorbed water into the insulation and when operated at below freezing this will freeze and expand causing more damage or at the least it will affect the temperature retention.