We offer all sizes of new and used containers
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Whatever container you want, however many, whatever the urgency or wherever you are – we have it ready to go!

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As part of Containers For Sale, a UK network of container suppliers, we can supply a wide variety of container sizes, from small 8ft or 10ft, to standard 20ft or 40ft.

We also offer every type of container – Hi-Cube, Pallet wide, Open Tops, Flat Racks, Std Dry Vans, Double Doored Ended (Tunnel Containers), Refrigerated and Chiller Containers.

Pentalver specialise in modifying ISO shipping containers into a manner of things; offices, welfare units, workshops and numerous other bespoke applications, all configured to the customers’ specifications.

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Pentalver is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of any size or type of new and refurbished containers and container conversions. We have container stock available at 25 locations in the UK and Ireland and can arrange containers delivered globally via our logistics network.

Pentalver London Gateway Depot


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