The normal reaction to exposure to the elements of steel are Continued Rusting, or Oxidation,  COR-TEN®  Steel however has  a chemical composition (see below )  built in to resist this corrosion…this resistance is probably best illustrated in materials we are familiar with such as Copper, Silver, Aluminum, Brass, Lead…these metals do Oxidize, but the oxide covering seen in Copper & Brass turns Green, and Aluminum, Silver, & lead  turns grey. This discolouration is an oxide barrier which prevents

Further oxidation. COR-TEN® Steel has a built in manufactured resistance that reacts to oxygen (air & water) which forms a hardened barrier to prevent further oxidation so it’s  an ideal material to use in shipping container manufacture and in ship building.

Containers are painted in a tough sea water, scratch resisting paint but the very nature of their handling, even this paint can be scratched exposing the metal to the elements , here the COR-TEN® properties protect the container from further attack .

Spin offs from this technological revolution are now also being used in car manufacture. Another example where COR-TEN® has been used is  that well known piece of architecture  the “Angel Of the North “ statue,  in fact the aesthetic appearance of this brown oxide appearance is now even being used in external facings of trendy houses.

A simple composition of alloys used in  COR-TEN® …….…

Chemical composition of Cor-ten Steel grades A & B

Cor-Ten A0.120.25-0.750.20-0.500.07-0.150.0300.5-1.250.25-0.550.65
Cor-Ten B0.160.30-0.500.80-1.250.0300.0300.40-0.650.25-0.400.02-0.100.40

So when you see…

You know you have a container built to last!