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Self Storage Toppers

If you have a containerised self storage company and wish to expand by adding a top deck, the ‘topper’ is a simple, safe and affordable option.
To which you can add incrementally in small stages without having to invest in expensive elaborate costly decking arrangements.

The topper can be  supplied in  20’ or  40’ std size  modified  shipping containers with an  always accessible  integral corridor  which may be of any desired width and positioned within the containers to suit each self storage sites individual capacity and economic storage requirements. I.e. using a 20’ the corridor can be 4’ wide, positioned in the centre providing 2 x 8’ storage units or 4’ wide placed at the end of the container providing a single 16’ storage unit.
Equally it could be 4’, 5’ or 6’ wide in for example, a 40’  container providing ;- 2 x 18’s or 2 x 17’6” units or 2 x 17’ units alternatively a  5’  corridor placed at the container end will provide a 35’ unit etc…

Each aperture is made using a load bearing frame, with poly glazed roof panel. Additional support is provided by adjustable feet to locate on the top rail of the container below.

The initial outlay will only involve the purchase of a staircase and a single unit in what ever configuration with a removable padlocked gate which is repositioned at the exit of each unit as and when another is added to the line.

The next purchased container will be placed adjacent to the first and the gate removed and refitted to the exit of the second unit and so on until the final container is placed. This can be identical to the others with exception of only have access to one side. This blank end would form a secure and weatherproof finish to the terrace.

The top gaps in the terrace of containers should be covered from the outside using aluminiuised bitumen tape; this will create a virtually dry walkway for your clients with an abundance of daylight in the corridor from the fitted skylights.

Should you already have a top deck of container’s , which are accessed by a mobile staircase and wish to convert to this much  safer and user friendly method,
We are always ready to consider a trade in of your containers or if you prefer, we can collect yours and modify at our works and return and collect again.