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All size of CSC plated containers, refrigerated containers, flat rack containers and more...

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Below are the most common shipping containers for sale with types and approximate sizes, and a gallery of images of the popular shipping containers available.

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New Build Shipping Containers (used once) come in a variety of sizes:
40’ L x 8’6” H x 8’ W Standard
40’ L x 9’6” H x 8’ W High Cube
40’ L x 8’6” H x 8’ W Double Doors each end
20’ L x 8’6” H x 8’ W Standard
20’ L x 9’6” H x 8’ W High Cube
20’ L x 8’6” H x 8’ W Double Doors each end
10’ L x 8’6” H x 8’W Standard
8’ L x 7’ H  x 7’ W Mini
Special Shipping Containers
10L X 8’6” HX 8’ W Single Door Security Tool Stores
40’L X 8’6”H X 8’W Open Top (Soft and Hard Tops)
20’L X 8’6”H X 8’W Open Top (Soft or Hard Tops)
30’L X 8’6”H X 8’W Usually cut down from 40'
20’L X 8’6”H X 8’W  Insulated (Port Holes)
20’L X 8’6”H X8’W Flat Racks
40’L X 8’6”H  X 8’W  Flat Racks
40’L X 9’6”H X8’4”W Pallet Wide
20’L X 8’6”H X 8’W Refrigerated
40’L X 8’6”H X 8’W Refrigerated
40’L X 9’6”H  X 8’W Refrigerated
Customised Shipping Container Options
Secure / Lockable - Vandalproof containers
Document Storage
Fully fitted Datacentres
Paint / Finish

To view a larger preview, please click on an image

10' container rebuilt with security door
7' x 8' new build container
20' high cube new build container
8' container with door open
10' & 8' container set
10' container rebuilt, painted green and used as tack room
20' insulated container interior
20' new build blue
20' open top CSC plated interior
20' hi cube with roller shutter door for Antarctic Weather Balloon Station
20' open top CSC plated for shipping
40' CSC plated flat rack
40' double door new build
40' converted personnel door side
cisa padlock for lockbox
20' new build container

20' refurbished container

disposable dehumidifier
'Its Bone Dry Pole'
Personal door conversion
10ft new build
40ft double door